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Donation of money:

Are donations tax deductible?

Details for money transfer by bank:

Recipient: Verein Medizin im Südpazifik
Dr. Hermann Oberli, 3855 Brienz
IBAN: CH02 0852 1001 5389 9715 4
BC-No. (Clearing-No) 8521
Bank: BBO Bank Brienz Oberhasli, 3855 Brienz, Switzerland
SWIFT-Address (BIC/Bank Identifier Code): BBOBCH22

Payments using Swiss postal payment slip:

Fill in a blank payment slip as shown on this sample (32KB JPG).


Donation of goods:

Please note:
  • Contact us before sending anything.
  • Clearly label donations: WHAT is it and WHO is the donor.
Thank you.

A list of a few thing we need is here. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have goods to offer which are not on the list.

Persons to contact:
Regula Widmer-Kennel Tel 041 420 60 07
Sabina Hofer Tel 041 377 28 30

Labeling: how and why

The (seafreight-)container contains goods from several donors. Unloading and distributing is done at the National Medical Store not at the hospital.

If we do not know what is inside a package, we have to open it first and then close it again (at temperatures of up to 50°C inside the container). Contents and donor should therefore be listed on the outside of the packing material or on packing lists which refer to each (distinctly marked) package. Label the package not just with "No. 5", but use something like "Sender: XYZ / No. 5" instead.

We would like to thank our donors, but this is not possible if we do not know who donated what. E.g. to our great joy we received a x-ray image intensifier in February 2001. Unfortunately we were not able to determine the donor and therefore could not thank for it. A packing list with the name of the donor (or a label on the device) would help avoid such situations.


Donation of time and knowledge

Further information for volunteer work of: up